The General Superintendent - Pastor Dr William F. Kumuyi

     Pastor William F.Kumuyi - General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry worldwide

William Kumuyi, a former University Don, is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) worldwide. He is the pastor of the Headquarters Church located in Lagos where he teaches, preaches and conducts services, which attract over 400,000 people weekly. At present, the church has more than 1 million members in over 60 countries of Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia and America.
 From a small beginning, the church under Kumuyi’s leadership has established itself as the fastest growing church on the African continent. The church is constructing a 125,000 capacity stadium-like auditorium in Lagos, Nigeria, to accommodate its growing congregation. The phenomenal growth of the church tends to overshadow its small beginning with 15 adult members in 1973. By 1988 the congregation had grown to 50,000. It is presently the largest single church congregation in Africa and the third largest in the world. As the DCLM blossomed throughout Africa it also extended its missionary exploits to Europe and America. The work in Europe started as a small Bible study group in 1983 in London and the church was registered in the UK in 1985 with branches all across the UK and in more than 12 other European countries. Similarly, the work has been growing in the USA and Canada. Deeper Life’s first missionaries arrived in the USA in 1982 and the church was officially registered in 1987.
 Dr. C. Peter Wagner, in an article titled 'Those Amazing Post-Denominational Churches' wrote: "By far, the most rapidly growing segment of Christianity on all six continents is a type of church that does not fit traditional categories or classifications. Perhaps one title that would fit is the term 'post-denominational."
 "Go to almost any metropolitan area and ask to visit the largest Christian Church. Chances are it will be one of these new post-denominational churches'. In Lagos, Nigeria, it would be the Deeper Life Bible Church, pastored by William Kumuyi (Apostolic Team Ministries, Intl., Newsletter 09).
 Journalist Alan Isaacson provides a helpful study of this phenomenal ministry in his book Deeper Life, talking with many members of the church who told him how Christ has miraculously intervened and changed lives in response to prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel. In Pastor Kumuyi's own words: "God, in the growth of Deeper Life Bible Church, has strategically and prudently used miracles to ‘make all men come to Him' (John 3:26).
 Dr. William Kumuyi’s ministry has transformed millions of lives worldwide. His passion for world evangelisation has brought him in contact with great evangelists like Billy Graham and Bruce Wilkinson among others. He was one of the key speakers at the Evangelism Conference Lausanne II held in Manila, the Philippines, 1989 and the Amsterdam 2000 organised by Billy Graham Evangelistic Group. In Turn the Tide Conference of May 2003, held in South Africa, Kumuyi, in association with other notable speakers reached an estimated 300,000 people in the eight major countries of Southern Africa. In October 2009 Dr Kumuyi, along with Roger Forster and Hugh Osgood among others, spoke at the London-wide ‘
Fresh Focus
evangelistic conference, which brought together a unique network involving the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Churches in Communities International, Evangelical Alliance, Global Day of Prayer, Premier Christian Radio and Prophetic Voice Ministers.